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What is Property Management?

What is property management?

Property management is a scalable service that helps real estate property owners manage successful investments. Property management companies come in many different sizes, from a single property manager who lives on-site in an apartment complex to a large-scale company that manages properties for many different landlords for a fee.

What does a property manager do?

Property managers work to keep properties maintained and rented within a fair and profitable business model. From marketing to general repairs, managers work for both the property owner and the tenant to provide excellent customer service.

It all begins with establishing a relationship and management contract with the property owner. Property managers then set the rent, market the property to find and vet the right tenant, and work with the tenant to make sure the property stays in good working order and that the rent is paid on time.

Benefits of property management

Landlords who manage their own properties sometimes end up spending most of their time finding tenants or performing maintenance and repairs. Property management companies can ease that burden by employing industry best practices and leveraging resources not available to property owners. These companies often have rental applications and contracts designed to protect property owners and tenants from unfair practices and litigation, which is a win for everyone involved. Property managers also maintain real estate properties, which preserves their value. In addition, a good management company will provide a landlord with detailed expense reports and documentation that help simplify taxes for owners.

How to find a good property manager

The best property management companies offer consultation services even before purchase, helping prospective property owners through the vetting and real estate purchase process. Comprehensive property management services include marketing, operations, maintenance, accounting, and even disposition consulting when it’s time to sell. Ask any property management company you’re considering about their professional affiliations, what their occupancy rates are, and how they approach tenant disputes or non-payment issues.

Whether you’re hiring a management company or looking for a great rental property for your next home, finding a company with a great track record is essential for long-term success. Class A Management offers comprehensive management services, and our seasoned professionals are committed to serving our landlords and tenants fairly and efficiently. Contact us today to learn more about how we can customize a services package for your single-family or multifamily property. Maximize your investment with a team that offers the respect, value, and experience you and your tenants deserve!

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Marketing Multifamily Properties with Instagram


First it was Facebook, then it was Twitter, then came Pinterest, and now it’s Instagram. If you’re not a fan of social media and are having a hard time wrapping your brain around the need to learn yet another networking site, this is a good place to start. Here, you’ll gain some understanding of what it is, how it’s used, and how it will help your property management efforts when used correctly.

What Is It?

Instagram is known to pros as the back-office network. There’s no “poking” or chatting. There’s not an endless feed of suggested pages or advertisements. There is a strict adherence to protected feeds that only feature images posted by people, business, or brands in your connections. In fact, when you first view the “feed,” it may look a bit boring. It’s this bareness, however, that is attracting many users over the advertising frenzy that has become Facebook.

Instagram is where brands allow customers and end users to see their more personal sides. It’s the behind-the-scenes stuff we weren’t always able to see before, and it’s allowing businesses to connect with customers in a whole new way. For instance, if you visit the profile page for Real Simple magazine, you’ll get a sneak peek through photos at what goes into making the magazine. From behind-the-scenes at photo shoots to inside the cubicles of the writers and staff, there’s a different side unveiled.

How Can I Use It?

The power in Instagram is in this ability to connect businesses with audiences in a whole new, less-salesy way. And, property management companies are doing it successfully, too. Here are just a few of the ways you can make it work for your property:

  • Show off the property—First and foremost, show off the property. Get cool angles of the archways and foliage, spring colors in the gardens as they begin to bloom, and even pics of the staff as they go about taking care of the tenants and property.
  • Boast about the neighborhood—Show off the area in which you’re located by promoting local businesses. Take pics of street signs and neons that are markers for the neighborhood. Promote places to shop and the best places to eat (including pics of plated food!).
  • Offer discounts and promotions—You don’t have to worry about being salesy with this one; prospects and tenants will thank you for it. Take a cool pic of a flyer with a discount for new and existing tenants. Offer referral discounts as well.
  • Talk about events and opportunities—Having a community BBQ? Take pics and post!
  • Promote community work— Participating in a Habitat for Humanity program? Talk it up through images of your work on Instagram and get noticed.
  • Give apartment related tips—Making some repairs? Document the process with Instagram pics that will help tenants in attending to their own units when needed. You can also highlight a new amenity or offering this way, like parking lot expansion or a new pool.
  • Highlight the happy tenants—Of course, when you have their approval, there is little else that will go as far to prove the credibility of an apartment complex like happy tenants. Show them off.

Still thinking you might prefer some help when it comes to connecting on social media? Our professionals can handle it all. Contact us today at 817-284-1411 or by email to .

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How to Use Pinterest as a Property Marketing Tool

Pinterest Property Marketing

Getting the word out about hot rental properties today is easier than ever, and it’s the eye candy that really sells. Enter: Pinterest, the third largest social media site onto which users can “pin” their favorite images. Because it’s visual, Pinterest lends itself perfectly to online rental marketing, and we’re going to tell you how to use Pinterest as a Property Marketing Tool.

Before You Pin: Set Your Sights On Your Site

Pinterest images link back to their original Web site, so before you set up an account and start pinning, assess your current Web presence. You need a dynamic, interactive site that is full of photographs, a YouTube video tour of the property and a frequently updated blog. Oh, and don’t forget a Pinterest widget among your social networking “bookmark and share” options.

Create Your Boards

Once you’ve addressed the site you’ll be linking back to (and its images, which are of course top-quality, right?), it’s time to set up your own Pinterest account and boards. Boards that cater to cooking, gardening, crafts, renovating or decorating would provide great ideas for blog photos that link back to your site. Of course, you can – and should – link to other sites, as well. Just make sure you’re not promoting the competition.

Think Vistas and … Recipes?

YES. You should absolutely pin photos of your well-maintained and appointed property’s best selling points, but would it hurt to appeal to non-real-estate pinners, as well? If you make a special cookie and wrap it in a pretty package to welcome new tenants, blog about it and include pictures. The mouthwatering cookie photos go with the recipe, and the creative cookie package photos with step-by-step instructions so Pinterest lurkers can re-create the look. Be sure to stage the photos inside your property. Highlight the stainless-steel oven those fresh-baked cookies are coming out of, and let those granite countertops or huge windows provide a backdrop for the gift package blog. If you don’t give welcome gifts, Pinterest may be reason enough to start.

New marketing avenues such as Pinterest aren’t news to the professionals at Class A Management. Contact us today to keep your investment property on the cutting edge. Call us today at 817-284-1411 or e-mail, .

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The Power of Multifamily Property Video Tours

We know that the best renters may not be scanning the local paper to find a new place to live. They may be out of town or they may be local, but studies have shown that wherever they are, they go online to find a home. Make the most of those brief Internet contacts with potential long-term renters, and offer a video tour of your property’s best features to bring them to your doorstep.

Video Property Tours

Stepping away from advertising realtor-speak and into more descriptive language is the first thing any landlord can do to improve their property’s image. Instead of a 3BD listing, maybe describing the rental as having “plenty of room for everyone in the family” would be more effective in attracting the right kinds of renters. Just imagine how much more effective those words could be when paired with a virtual walk-through that shows exactly how much room that unit really offers.

Appealing to prospective tenants visually is effective, but an online tour is even more effective because it engages rental shoppers in the tour process. They get to decide how many times to watch the video and which amenities interest them the most. Then, if they like what they’ve seen online, they’ll visit your property in person. That’s when your staff’s winning personality and a sense of community can reel them in and make them feel like a catch worth keeping.

The professionals at Class A Management are well-versed in all the latest forms of property promotion, and we know what attracts the best renters. Contact us today at 817-284-1411 or e-mail, .

Source: What Makes Video Effective,

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The Trend to Mobile in Multifamily Property Marketing

Mobile Marketing for Property Management

It is estimated that nearly half of all Internet users are also tablet owners, and this number is on the rise at roughly 12% per year. This means that at this point in time, approximately 117 million people could be online conducting business, blogging, or even searching for their next rental home on their very own tablet. What’s more, a very large percentage of these users are part of the younger generations, namely those under the age of 30, who expect nothing less than the best technology with every life experience.

Isn’t it coincidental for us, then, that 72% of this age group is also living in rental housing? “Why is it coincidental?” you may ask. Because it gives us the unique opportunity to use the propensity this generation toward mobile marketing for our own multifamily property marketing initiatives? Here’s how:

  1. Keeps the connection: With this type of technology, managers and staff can stay connected regardless of where they are on- (or off-) property. Being easily accessible is of utmost importance, and a driver behind the use of such technology.
  2. Makes you look good: When an under-30-something rental-seeker comes into your management office and sees the entire staff with tablets, it’s says to that individual that he or she has just landed somewhere that is modern and up-to-speed on what’s most important to this generation of renters.
  3. Provides flexibility: One of the least attractive things about renting an apartment is the rental application and approval process. Tablets make it easier on everyone by allowing the process to take place on the go. Staff members can utilize the time they spend walking to and through units with prospective tenants to gather the necessary information for the application, so that when the individual is ready, all the info can be processed with a click.
  4. Offers a mobile cinema: Have an online video of the property or a posted review you want to show-off? Or maybe you simply need access to the property’s website while out on a tour. The tablet can empower you with the freedom to do all that, while impressing the prospective tenant with your resourceful use of technology.

Learn more about the creative tactics we’re using to increase the occupancy rates of our properties. Call us at 817-284-1411 or send an email to .