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How Online Videos Can Increase Occupancy Rate

Video tours of your rental property are highly undervalued. They’re the workhorse of around-the-clock marketing plans that can create buzz about your property and make it the hottest place to live in your town. Don’t have any videos of your property doing all the work for you? Here’s why that’s a mistake:

  1. Visual appeal. A bulleted list of amenities can appeal to some rental property shoppers, but a video tour or simple slide show is far more persuasive. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video adds much more value to someone who is able to see inside their new home.
  2. Timely. Prospective tenants can get a lot of information in a three-minute video tour than they can reading through a lengthy list of amenities. Their eyes can see details that your words might not describe as well, and it’s a quick way to give them all the information they need about your property while respecting the value of their time.
  3. Searchable. Search engines love videos, so if you’re not using video tours of your properties, you’re missing out on a whole lot of exposure. Link to your videos from articles, social media posts, and a YouTube channel to cast the widest possible net for new renters. It’s important to promote your videos properly to maximize your audience.

Videos are popular online because they’re engaging and convey a lot of information. They’re a real estate sales tool that works, and they work just the same for rental properties. Nine out of 10 prospective renters search multiple websites when looking for a new home. If your property’s video shows up near the top of all their searches, that keeps your property top-of-mind and keeps occupancy rates high.

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