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Being Grateful Improves Your Business

Being Grateful Improves Your Business

In business and life, it’s easy to focus on what’s going wrong over what’s running smoothly. Similarly, a landlord can focus on the tenants who don’t pay rent on time and destroy property than on the tenants who are stress-free.

Not all of us understand the significance of effective communication between a landlord and a tenant. Those living in rental-based units represent 32% of Americans. That’s a lot of people (over 44 million), building and maintaining relationships and living experiences with property owners and managers. 

Showing gratitude to your tenants isn’t a matter of time, difficulty, or having a great deal of expenditure. In two words, a “thank you” can do wonders.

Here are five ways to build a healthy relationship between a tenant and an owner that will contribute to your investment business success. 

1. Have a responsive attitude

A quick response to a tenant’s call or an email shows the landlord cares about them and the property. Don’t leave a tenant’s queries unanswered or make them wait for an undefined period. Furthermore, if you have a pre-planned management office closure, keep the tenant informed and provide emergency contact details of the contractors.

2. Say thank you and give rewards

Consider saying thank you for small things like paying rent on time or keeping the rental unit clean and tidy. You can help your tenant by providing a free carpet cleaning service or even a fresh coat of paint for the living room or surprise them with a discount on next month’s rent. The reward is worth the effort for both of you.

3. Give space

A valuable detail to remember when maintaining a healthy relationship is respecting tenant privacy. You can’t show up at the rental unit without prior notice. Giving adequate notification isn’t only about being polite, but is also required by law in most places.

4. Stick to your promise

Put yourself in a tenant’s shoes. The start of a bond begins with keeping your word.  So, if you promise to provide a coat of fresh paint or a new appliance, for instance, and you don’t, you do irreparable damage to that bond. Don’t raise false hopes. Promise only what you know you can and will deliver.

5. Be genuine when increasing rent rates

Raising the rent is a natural part of rental property management. But it must be done respectfully. Giving your tenants plenty of notice is one way; while making sure not to implement the increase around the holidays is another.  For example, it’s better to wait to raise the rent beginning January 1 instead of December 1.

Grow your income property business with Class A Management

There are many ways to show gratitude for your tenants, and they all come with their benefits. Happy tenants not only are more loyal (long-term revenue) but are also more likely to refer others (more business). 

Need help figuring it all out? The comprehensive management services available through Class A Management closely monitor all aspects of the property tenant relationship. Learn more about how we keep properties at maximum occupancy, then work with us to create lasting tenant loyalty. 

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Property Investment Opportunities in A Growing Industry

Property Investment Opportunities in A Growing Industry

The demand for multifamily living continues to increase. High demand is good news for those involved in investment property ownership and management. In addition to continued high occupancy, on a national level, industry experts predict the nation will need an additional 4.3 million multifamily units by the year 2035. The current demand for new multifamily units is 266 thousand per year just to meet demand. 

What does this mean for property investment opportunities in Texas? 

Texas property investment opportunities and industry overview

Texas is home to 16 major cities. Each of these cities has a unique local property investment market. The one thing they all have in common is their significant contributions to a heavy statewide industry. 

The multifamily housing industry in Texas currently represents:

  • 4 million residents
  • 2.27 million apartment homes
  • $8.3 billion contributed to the Texas economy

“Now is a great time for current investment property owners and those wishing to invest for the first time,” states Cathy Fontana, owner and CEO of Class A Management. “We closely monitor all aspects of the Texas investment property industry. New construction and community expansion projects are creating good opportunities to expand your investment.” 

Class A Management actively works with clients to positively leverage high industry demand to maximize investor returns. 

Find the information you need with Class A Management

To meet current industry demands, 47 thousand new units across Texas must enter the market. Dallas and Fort Worth markets need to contribute 19 thousand of those units to meet yearly local demand. 

For over four decades, our team of multifamily industry experts has continued to provide unparalleled service for both investors and residents. By closely watching industry and market trends and accurately interpreting relevant data, Class A Management skillfully manages your current investment holdings and presents opportunities for potential investment expansion. Our team makes assessments and conducts due diligence, providing you with the information you need to make investment decisions. Once you decide to expand your property investment portfolio, we will be with you through the whole acquisition process with our brokerage and development services, then provide productive property management. 

Contact us to discover all the data associated with the communities where you have investments, then discuss how this data helps identify the best investment opportunities for your local market. 

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Market Your Property on a Shoestring With 8 Free Options

Market your property on a shoestring budget

Multifamily is one industry that is especially dependent upon integrated marketing. But, it doesn’t have to be a budget-busting endeavor. Use technology to market your property at little to no cost with the following productivity-boosting tools:

  1. Websites used to cost big bucks. But these days, WordPress offers free themes that are easy to set up and maintain. Plug photos and text into your chosen template, and your site is ready to go. (Pro tip: Using a pro to build a professional WordPress site means less time and effort on your part, and doesn’t have to be budget-busting.) 
  2. Set up a free Twitter account and send short-and-sweet messages to your target audience(s). Build your profile carefully, and customize with great pictures of your properties. Follow industry leaders like Multifamily Housing News and connections in your local community. Use hashtags that include the name of your city to keep your message circulating locally.
  3. Post photos on Instagram, but link your account to Facebook so it automatically posts to both social media accounts. Use photos that build your brand message: highlighting your property, staff, and the “day in the life” type photos.
  4. If a picture is worth a thousand words, just imagine how valuable great videos can be. Create video tours of your property, post them on your YouTube channel, and watch your foot traffic increase exponentially. You can even make your videos with a cell phone; just make sure they’re good quality and to the point.
  5. Establish a Facebook presence to capture the local who will look for your property there, but don’t expect a lot of reach unless you’re willing to pay to promote your posts. Facebook has become an ad-based platform, so as free promotional tools go, you need an account; but don’t lean on it too heavily for messaging.
  6. 1-2-3 Press. Write great press releases about property improvements and promotions. Tag your property name and city, and publish to a site like 1-2-3 Press for some extra publicity.
  7. Mail Chimp. Use a free online email platform to communicate with as many as 2,000 recipients. Mail Chimp is one that has a full, free library of customizable themes. With a one-click unsubscribe link in every e-mail, using the service will keep you within the letter of the law that prevents spam.
  8. Volunteer. Have your staff organize a team of volunteers to build a Habitat for Humanity home, or run a race to raise funds for a charitable cause. Volunteerism is the total package: free publicity, relationship-building, and branding, all in one.

The take-away from this list is that it doesn’t have to cost a lot to get your market your property to the best tenants. Instead of being great options, these tools are essential to your marketing mix, and to your bottom line.

The professionals at Class A Management know marketing. It’s our passion. Let us go to work for you and your property. Call us today at 817-295-5959 or send us an email to

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Renters Beware: Due diligence is necessary

Due diligence is important for tenants, too. This image depicts a desk full of papers indicating research is underway.

Renters expect that their future landlords will perform due diligence by checking their references before renting them a home. But it shouldn’t be a one-way street. When they’re entering into a legal contract with a landlord, tenants also have a responsibility to check out the property owner or manager.

Here’s a due diligence checklist of things you might want to research before you sign a lease:

  • Interview current renters and neighbors of the rental property. Ask them: How do they like living there? Is the property well-kept? Are repairs made quickly? Are there any other issues?
  • Check with local law enforcement to see if the address and neighborhood have had recent law enforcement involvement.
  • Check local courthouse records for a notice of default on the landlord or the property address. You won’t want to sign a lease that carries the potential of bank foreclosure.
  • Call your local Better Business Bureau and Chamber of Commerce, and ask about your landlord by name and company name.
  • See how apartments stack up against the competition by researching and reading reviews.
  • Google the property owner, property manager, property name and company name. You might be surprised just how easy it is to find poor reviews, legal proceedings, news stories, and other information you’ll need to make an informed decision before signing a new lease.

Interviewing a landlord when you first tour a property only provides you with part of the big picture. Take these few extra steps to conduct a thorough vetting of any potential landlord or property management company. Once your bases are covered, you’ll enjoy your renting experience more knowing exactly who is on the other end of your lease agreement.

Ready for a property management company that truly puts its tenants first? Class A Management has thousands of units under management and we welcome the opportunity to show you around. Contact us today to schedule a tour.

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Why you need more than property management software

Property management software downfalls

Investing in real estate is an invaluable way of growing your wealth when done sensibly. But how can you manage your properties to curtail delinquencies, free up your time, market your property, avoid long-term vacancies, sign new tenants, maintain premises, and carry out other associated responsibilities? We can tell you this: it’s more than what property management software alone can do.

You need more than property management software

A dedicated, knowledgeable, and reputed property management firm can address your needs. It can mitigate uncertainties and ultimately protect your long-term investments. Laser-focused companies help you maximize your returns while minimizing turnovers. They have all systems in place to handle day to day operations, perform inspections, oversee maintenance, assist with taxes, manage relationships, provide regular updates/ reports, and better optimize the entire property investment process for you.

Besides, having an experienced team by your side becomes even more critical if you own an out of state asset. Someone who can keep their eyes on the property and be immediately available in emergencies becomes essential. Plus, with their industry know-how, they can provide legal expertise to ensure state-wise compliance. Many real estate investors consider partnering with an exceptional property management firm for they’re worth their weight in gold.

When property management software alone just won’t do…

If you require assistance with managing and protecting your Texas investment property, we can guide you through! When you hire the Class A Management team, we assure you that your property returns are well optimized. We also provide exceptional customer support services, retain/ sign quality tenants, and use proven technologies to manage relations and other daily operations. We have a proven track record for helping investors with their multifamily investing decisions. Contact us to know more about our services – we’re one of the most trusted and competent property management companies in Texas you can rely on.