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How Being Grateful Can Improve Your Business

Thank You, Business

Not all of us understand the significance of an effective communication between a landlord and a tenant business relationship. According to the statistics given, it is observed that about 35% of Americans dwell in units that are rental-based throughout the country.

For every human, it is easy to focus on the negative experience. In the similar manner, a landlord can focus on tenants that gave incidents of unpaid rent, destroyed framework of a house than focusing on a tenant that paid rent on time.
Reflecting gratitude to your tenant isn’t a matter of time, difficulty or having a great deal of expenditure. Two words, a “Thank You” can do wonders.

Here are few ways to build a healthy relation between a tenant and an owner:
1. Responsive attitude
Giving a quick response to a tenant’s call or an email when a tenant is stating its problems can reflect on the fact the Landlord does care. Don’t leave a tenant unanswered with its query or make him wait for an undefined period. Furthermore, if you have pre-planned outstation trip to be taken then keep the tenant informed and provide with the emergency contact details of the contractors.

2. Saying Thank You and giving rewards
Consider saying thank you for little things like paying rent on time or keeping the rental unit clean and tidy which is beneficial for you and the tenant both. You can help your tenant with providing a free carpet cleaning service; even a fresh coat of paint for the living room or surprising them with discount on next month’s rent.

3. Giving space
One of the most important aspects that count in maintaining a healthy relation is respecting privacy of your tenant. It is understood that you cannot show up at the rental unit without a prior notice. Provision of an adequate notice is not just politeness but is also a requirement by law in most places.

4. Stick to your promise
Put yourself in a tenant’s shoes, a start of a bond begins with sticking to your promise. It can be very disappointing if you deliver something completely opposite to what you had promised for. Therefore, it’s very essential that you don’t offer something that you will not be able to provide for. Set a threshold; do not indicate on a new outdoor porch or installation of new carpets throughout if you aren’t sure of doing so. Do not raise false hopes.

5. Be genuine with hiking the rent rates
Increment of rent is necessary as a part of landlord management but doing so with a good expanse of notice period is important. Increasing of rent around the holiday period could be a glitch for the tenant and you could consider doing so after the holiday season. For instance, if you are planning to hike the rent around Christmas than you could pull it off until after the New Year.

There are numerous ways of showing gratitude and that you appreciate, these are only a few. Happy tenants can result in references to others for your future business needs.