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Create Rental Ads for Tenant, Search Appeal

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If your advertising isn’t exactly bringing the best tenant in the door, take a few minutes to assess your existing ads and property website. Attention to detail—and a few proven property marketing elements—will soon have your rental property ad conversions climbing as quickly as your occupancy rates. Your bottom line will thank you.

Description with Keywords

Do a quick Google search pretending you’re a prospective tenant. What words are you using to search? What features and amenities are most important for you? Include those keywords in a unique, detailed description that anyone can read easily and quickly. List some top keywords in bullet points like this:

  • Reserved parking
  • Gated entry community
  • Newly renovated kitchens
  • Easy access to [major community feature or highway]

Make sure your description makes your property sound appealing and creates a sense of urgency. Use phrases like, “our most popular floorplan,” or “the best neighborhood” to get prospects to click through to your website to learn more or apply.

Amenities List

Search engines now deliver search results that include lists of amenities when users search for apartments. List community features and amenities in a separate section of your ad to maximize the information a tenant can see when your ad result pops up in their search.

Cost by Floor Plan

Yes, you always need floor plans on your website. It may also be a good idea in a competitive market to post your floor plan as an ad image to invite more clicks. Provide a cost breakdown of each unit by bedroom and bathroom; search engines sometimes provide those results when searchers are looking for a specific term like, “cost of a 2 bedroom apartment near me.”

Interior and Exterior Pictures and Video

You just can’t go wrong with bright, clear photos of your rental property. Great pictures help prospective tenants picture themselves living in the space, so provide multiple photos that entice prospects to want to learn more.

Try a walkthrough video or virtual tour for even more effective advertising images.

Call to Action

Ask searchers to apply! Some dynamic ads allow you to test out multiple titles, descriptions, images and calls to action in your ads. While “apply now” appeals to someone with an immediate need, it may not convert those who aren’t yet familiar with your property or who are looking for a specific amenity or location. Try “learn more,” “see all floor plans,” and “schedule a tour” for alternative calls to action to see what works best to attract that perfect tenant.

Your Tenant Profile Informs How You Build Great Rental Ads

Before you throw money at ads, it’s important to first understand your property, the local market, the competition, and your ideal tenant profile. Class A Management understands attracting quality tenants, and we do market research for each of our properties to craft the highest converting ads possible. Reach out to learn more about our proven strategies for tenant recruitment and retention.