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One Simple Device That Could Save Renters’ Lives

One Simple Device That Could Save Renters’ Lives

More than 400 people die every year, and thousands more require emergency care from accidental carbon monoxide poisoning. Carbon monoxide is a clear, odorless gas produced by burning fuel, such as natural gas, charcoal, wood, kerosene, or oil. These deaths could be prevented with the installation of a device that hangs right next to the smoke detector. Carbon monoxide detectors should be placed in each unit of your multifamily investment property to potentially save renter’s lives. 

Small investment, big ROI

Inexpensive carbon monoxide detectors are unobtrusive, and required by law in many US states. While modern heating and cooking sources don’t usually produce the gas, a car left in an attached garage could fill a home with the deadly poison in a matter of minutes. During a power outage, residents might use kerosene or oil lanterns for heat sources, unwittingly exposing themselves and their families to carbon monoxide. More than 50,000 people visit emergency rooms each year for carbon monoxide poisoning. The presence of a carbon monoxide detector can help prevent the loss of life from the unseen killer.

Install carbon monoxide detectors near bedrooms to alert residents to the presence of carbon monoxide, even at night. For just a few dollars and a new battery twice a year, those detectors may never sound an alarm. Then again, they might, and just one family saved is worth a building full of prevention.

Create systems to save renters’ lives

Some emergent situations are plain to see, and others, like the presence of carbon monoxide, are invisible. Work with Class A Management to create systems within your property to protect residents and potentially save renter’s lives. Minimal investments today can save lives and avoid costly property damage repairs in the future. 

Contact Class A Management to learn more about how our managers can help safeguard your property and residents. We know safety, and we know property management. Create a management plan to save renters’ lives today!