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Sustainable Multifamily Goes Mainstream

Apartment buildings are the perfect proving grounds for sustainable building design, and that’s good news for renters and property owners, alike. Today’s designers are incorporating sustainably sourced building materials and green public areas into energy-efficient buildings that save tenants money. That means that these forward-thinking properties are growing more popular each year with dedicated renters, and that’s great news for occupancy rates and market value.

Green upgrades for everyone

The best recycling in the building industry is re-using an existing property, with upgrades to energy efficiency and healthy building design. Replacement windows and a move to LED lighting are a great place for property owners to start their upgrades. When it’s time to upgrade exteriors, insulation, roofs, or interiors, choosing sustainably sourced materials that contribute to a healthy home—and planet—is easier than ever.

Next step: Passive design

Naturally, as sustainable building standards tighten, builders are challenged to outdo themselves as they now strive for passively designed buildings. Passive design uses solar heat gain to heat the living space and adequate shade and ventilation to cool the space. Add to that some rigorous requirements for insulation and building sealing, or encapsulation, and you’ve got an industry trend that hasn’t been affordable until just recently. New building projects using passive design don’t have many high-end surfaces, but the energy savings and indoor air quality are quickly becoming the new industry standard.

With all those energy-conserving shared walls come challenges unique to multifamily properties. If you’re not sure where to start incorporating some environmentally friendly improvements into your property, contact Class A Management. Our managers can address sustainability of your property, and help you conserve a lot of energy when it comes to managing your multifamily investment. Call us today at 817-295-5959 or e-mail us at .