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Reputation Management: The Why’s and How’s

Reputation Management: The Why’s and How’s

Reputation Management is the monitoring and maintenance of an individual’s or business’s brand. When we think of brands, we often believe brands such as Coke, Nike, and McDonald’s need ongoing management. The truth, however, is that reputation management is something that should be a top priority for every business, including the business of property management.

Why property managers should prioritize reputation management

Attracting the right tenants means projecting the right message in the marketplace. It also means ensuring the feedback and reviews from existing tenants are favorable, reinforcing the brand. 

Online reviews heavily impact apartments. Potential tenants, more often than not, begin their search for an apartment online. The high volume of searches means reputation management needs far more attention than many property managers tend to give to it.

How to monitor reviews and brand reputation

Reviews can impact a property’s success. If you’re new to reputation management, here are some tips for ensuring the ongoing health of your brand:

  • Set up Google alerts. You can input multiple keywords, including the exact name of the property as well as variations. When someone uses any keywords you identify to create any type of post online, Google will notify you.
  • Search regularly. Even if you have automatic alerts, you need to be aware of what’s on the web. Create a list of common review sites, then visit them at least once a month.
  • Respond to reviews. Yes, you need to respond to reviews. Your quick and effective responses will keep bad reviews from getting worse and encourage positive posts. 

The reviews of your property directly impact your brand reputation. Need help monitoring and growing your property’s reputation? If so, it’s time to call Class A Management. 

Manage your reputation with Class A Management

Reputation management is just one part of the comprehensive management services offered by our experienced team. Contact us to discuss improving your property’s reputation to attract and keep your ideal tenants.