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4 Tips to Boost Your Apartment Ratings and Renter Satisfaction

4 Tips to Boost Your Apartment Ratings and Renter Satisfaction

Do renters hate renting from you? Your apartment ratings don’t always tell the whole story, but those pesky one-star Google reviews can be a good place to start improving your tenant experience.

Providing early rent payment incentives or extra perks now and then may not be enough to guarantee that your tenants enjoy living at your property. While these little touches can go a long way when combined with a solid property management approach, that foundation is what’s most important for building relationships, five-star apartment ratings, and long-term renters.

Build Positive Relationships; Reviews Will Follow

How well are you liked by your tenants? Do you provide nice little sign-on perks like 10% off the first month’s rent? How about at Christmas time? Are you the landlord that puts a discount coupon for the local burger joint in with the December newsletter or community update?

Despite these good attempts, tenants want more substantial positive interactions and experiences. Improve your apartment ratings by paying close attention to the following:

  • Provide a nice place to live. Tenants have the right to reasonable expectations when it comes to their rental property. According to NOLO, “Under most state and local laws, landlords must offer and maintain housing that satisfies basic habitability requirements, such as adequate weatherproofing, available heat, water, and electricity, and clean, sanitary, and structurally safe premises.”
  • Acknowledge needs in a timely manner. Since tenants have the right to the reasonable expectations outlined above, you, as the property owner or manager, are under obligation to keep things maintained. This typically means a 24-hour response time or less for emergencies and 2-3 days for everything else. Ignoring or ‘putting off’ a tenant’s request is one of the quickest ways to earn negative apartment ratings on popular review sites.
  • Offer security. Tenants have a reasonable expectation of security and safety in their homes. Landlords have a legal obligation to take some measures to make crime unappealing on their properties. That includes taking steps to stop illegal activities by tenants. Follow and enforce your city’s ordinances, statutes, and building codes to provide a safe place for renters and their families.
  • Respect all tenants. While it may seem unnecessary to even say it, tenants want to be treated with respect. They want open communication, and to be acknowledged in order to feel like more than just the means to your end. As such, they want to be spoken to nicely. Set a standard of respectful communication for your staff, and the frequency of those negative reviews and apartment ratings will begin to decline.

Top Apartment Ratings Come From Great Management

At Class A Management, we prioritize the growth of your multifamily property investment and the cultivation of trust and satisfaction among your tenants. We firmly believe that great management is the cornerstone of high apartment ratings.

Our commitment extends beyond mere property management. We actively safeguard tenants’ rights and work tirelessly to build trust. By fostering an environment where tenants feel respected and supported, we enhance both their living experience and your property’s reputation.

Discover the transformative impact Class A Management can have on your property. Contact us today at 817-295-5959 or at to experience the difference firsthand.