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The Power of Multifamily Property Video Tours

Multifamily Property Video Tours

We know that the best renters may not be scanning the local paper to find a new place to live. They may be out of town or they may be local, but studies have shown that wherever they are, they go online to find a home. Make the most of those brief Internet contacts with potential long-term renters, and offer a video tour of your property’s best features to bring them to your doorstep.

Video Property Tours

Stepping away from advertising realtor-speak and into more descriptive language is the first thing any landlord can do to improve their property’s image. Instead of a 3BD listing, maybe describing the rental as having “plenty of room for everyone in the family” would be more effective in attracting the right kinds of renters. Just imagine how much more effective those words could be when paired with a virtual walk-through that shows exactly how much room that unit really offers.

Appealing to prospective tenants visually is effective, but an online tour is even more effective because it engages rental shoppers in the tour process. They get to decide how many times to watch the video and which amenities interest them the most. Then, if they like what they’ve seen online, they’ll visit your property in person. That’s when your staff’s winning personality and a sense of community can reel them in and make them feel like a catch worth keeping.

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