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Infographic: How to Cut Down on Landscaping Costs

How to Cut Down on Landscaping Costs

We talk and we talk about the importance of curb appeal and making a positive impact on the neighborhood around our rental property. It attracts more tenants, and it goes toward improving property values for us and for the neighborhood overall; and that leads to achievement of our ultimate goal: More revenue. Investment success.

Yet, curb appeal isn’t always cheap. The initial landscaping design can be a sizable investment and its maintenance is often a noteworthy line on the monthly budget sheet. Until now.

Thanks to the National Apartment Association, you now have access to 7 easy ways you can trim your landscaping bill each month:

UNITS Landscaping


The theme? It all comes down to making the right choices from the beginning. Making the decision to have Class A Management in your corner now will help ensure the best choices in landscaping and all other areas of property management going forward. Give us a call today at 817-295-5959 or send us an email to