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How to Winterize Your Property

How To Winterize Your Property, Street Light

Winter is the favorite time of the year for most of us. The excitement of Christmas and New Year is in the air but not knowing how to winterize your property could get you in trouble. Here are a few ways to do so:
1. Exterior pipes
The responsibility to keep the exterior pipes insulated becomes high-priority during the winter season. Completing this task can help you prevent any unwanted pipe breakage.
2. Shut the windows
Pull any storm windows down. This will build yourself that extra layer of protection. Remove the screen outside of all windows.
3. Maintain cleanliness
Remove debris by cleaning ledges, chimneys and exhaust systems.
4. Quick fix:
If the bottom of the doors are left with gaps then the chance of heat being lost increases. A plastic “door sweep” or a towel kept along the bottom of the door will be a simple and an easy solution to keep the warmth intact indoors.
5. Curtains:
A set of beautiful curtains will not only bring a refreshing feel to the place but it will also help in keeping the place warm.
6. Change filters:
To maintain efficiency, change all the filters and get the mechanical systems checked.
7. Turn the direction of your fan:
When you turn the direction of the ceiling fan clockwise, the heat is forced to stay in the lower direction.
8. Air conditioning window units:
If any air conditioning window units are not installed correctly, properly insulate them or simply remove them for a season.
Making yourself ready for the winter will help you and your family enjoy the holiday season blissfully.