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How to Host Events Tenants Will Care About

Property Management Volunteer

Not too long ago, there was an article written by an industry expert that advised property managers on the importance of community to tenants, and how necessary it is to organize events and activities where tenants can come together and establish communal bonds. Then, not too long after that, another industry expert in the same space wrote about just how little tenants care about community and that all they want is a nice place to live and be left alone.

Who’s right? In our opinion, it’s honestly going to depend on the tenants, the property, and the community. However, there is much greater likelihood for tenant participation in events or activities centered on social good. So, not only are you bringing your people together, you’re helping others in the process. That’s a double win.

Here are some suggestions:

  • Drives. Consider giving a call to an organization like Carter BloodCare. Organizations like this often have mobile donation centers they are able to bring to your property. You can plan an event for tenants, friends, and family to come out and give blood or plasma. You can offer local entertainment, food, and drinks.
  • Property improvements. You can always find a local highway or property that needs to be adopted and cleaned on a regular basis. There are other community beautification projects as well. You’ll just need to get in touch with the organizations that coordinate the efforts and work out the logistics.
  • Not-for-Profits. There are often too many nonprofits in major cities to name; but small towns have their share as well. Find out what your tenants are interested in supporting and get an effort going to donate time and resources as a group on a designated day of the year. Some may be so into this idea, they’ll want it to be a more regular occurrence.

These are just a few ideas and there are plenty others; it just take a little bit of creativity and input from your tenants. Then, once you have the details worked out, make sure to put together a calendar of events so tenants are aware. Email notifications or posted signs are also a great idea as the dates near.

It’s worth mentioning that it’s never a bad idea to incent tenants to participate. Even though you want people to do things for the good of others purely for what it is, there is nothing wrong with giving your tenants a bit more reason to do so. Something as small as a handwritten letter or as generous as a rental discount will be much appreciated (and hopefully reciprocated with loyalty) by your tenants.

Need some more ideas like these? Give us a call. We’d be grateful for the opportunity to work with you in identifying creative ways to attract and retain tenants. Call us at 817-295-5959 or send us an email to .