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Emphasizing the “Family” in Multifamily

The rules of multifamily are fairly simple: offer a safe, livable environment to tenants without discrimination. Yet, even with these requirements met, it is possible for properties to be lacking in the features families need and want in a home. So, here we take a brief look at some suggestions managers and owners can use to make their properties stand out and more desirable as a true multi-“family” option.

Extra Safety Features: Does the pool have a reasonable high fence around it with a gate that isn’t opened by little hands? The best kind of latch is one that is on the inside of the gate (adult reaches through to unlatch), that demands the user to push up while pushing in at the same time. Such coordination isn’t always owned by very young children who may also not know how to swim.

Another extra safety feature is lighting. Consider lighting up every drank nook and cranny. Place sidewalks lights along all paths on the interior of the property, make sure the parking areas are well lit and continuously serviced for burnouts, and ensure that each unit have proper lighting on front and back porch areas.

Amenities: For families, and especially those with young children, the amenities with top priority include playgrounds and common areas. Kids like to run and play and they need an open and safe area in which to do so. If there is a playground, it needs to be well constructed and maintained, and it helps if it is also fenced to provide added security and peace of mind.

If the property includes a pool, it, too, must be well maintained and properly marked with all safety warnings. If you’re considering the addition of a pool to an existing property to make it more family-friendly, a valuable consideration is the addition of a small kiddie pool where younger children can play. Offering the availability of life jackets or puddle jumpers as an added safety measure is also a gesture that will not go unnoticed.

Neighborhood features: To attract families, you will want to market the family-friendly features inherent to the property. Are there museums nearby? What about walking trails or water parks? You’ll want to highlight schools in the area, local grocery stores, shopping, and entertainment options that are geared toward the interests of families.

Marketing Tip: A great way to gain the interest and potential trust of families in the area is to partner with area schools and family-friendly events. Consider a flyer with a rent or deposit coupon for schools to send home with kids. Another great method is through sponsorships of local events, such as fairs, carnivals, and community fundraisers.