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Multifamily Property Disaster Prep for Owners

Multifamily Property Disaster Prep

When you hear “Hurricane Katrina,” failure is the first thing that comes to mind. The levee system failed, sure, but so did the people responsible for the safety of the city. We all know the horrors of Katrina could happen again, and when you’re a property owner responsible for the health and safety of hundreds of people who live in a building you own, it pays to be prepared. Do you have a multifamily property disaster plan in place?

The term “emergency preparedness” is bandied about by every agency known to man these days, but what it means to commercial property owners can be different – and simpler – than what it means to city government.

The first thing any property manager should know is what type of disasters they should prepare to meet. Fire is always the number-one enemy of stick-built structures and the people within them; but is your property also in a flood zone? Would you feel the effects of a weak hurricane, or could a Category 5 storm move far enough inland to require you to have a hurricane plan? How prevalent are tornadoes in your area, and do you know when tornado season begins so you can prepare your tenants with that weekly “safety tip?”

A little advance research can pay off big-time when disaster strikes. Having rock-solid plans in place can also help management establish that sense of community with residents that is so important for compliance. It also doesn’t hurt to tell them, “We’re all in this together.”

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