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5 Ways to Deal with Tenant Anger

5 Ways to Deal with Tenant Anger

Dealing with an angry tenant is one of the least enjoyable parts of owning a rental property; yet, it’s something you’re more than likely going to face at some point in time. From the tenant who is mad at you for requesting on-time payments, to the tenant who gets angry about every noise, neighbor, and broken light bulb, they’re out there. You need to be ready to handle the situation whenever it arises.

Here to help are 5 steps you can take every time to help ensure the situation is diffused effectively and with little (to no) fallout as possible:

  1. Listen actively. Sometimes, all a person wants is just to be heard. So, take a stance of active listening, wherein you dedicate the time to hearing what he or she has to say, and repeat it back so it’s clear you’ve heard and understood the problem.
  2. Empathize. You’ve heard the cliché: You catch more flies with honey. This applies here, too. You’re a lot more likely to squash the anger if you’re able to allow the angered tenant to believe you see things from his or her point of view, whether you do or not. Use phrases such as: “I can see why that would upset you”, or “I’ve been in your shoes before and know how that feels.”
  3. Ask for it in writing. The best way to ensure issues don’t go unnoticed is by asking the tenant to submit complaints via a comment system, either in print or online.
  4. Document everything. Once they’ve made the submission, it’s important to document every step taken to rectify the situation. Conversation dates and times, repairs, and any other minor detail should be noted. This will not only help you demonstrate your dedication to problem-solving, but can also come in handy should the situation go south and you need proof of action. Share with the tenant so he/she is aware of what is being done to address the issue.
  5. Follow-up. Even if it appears things have settled, festering issues can grow into a big problem if left unchecked. So, just make sure to follow-up with the tenant within a reasonable amount of time to make sure that, not only has the situation been managed effectively, but also the opportunity is taken to remind him/her of lease guidelines, responsibilities, and the like (when applicable). After all, handling anger effectively doesn’t mean conceding on property rules or allowing a tenant to dominate, it’s simply a more productive approach to helping ensure things don’t escalate too quickly.

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