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5 Simple Ways to Attract Tenants Using Green Tactics

5 Simple Ways to Attract Tenants Using Green Tactics

Many property owners and managers get understandably nervous when they hear words like sustainability and going green. In the years following the birth of this movement, the available enviro-friendly options were anything but cheap. The focus was on insulation, new windows, HVAC units, and other high-ticket improvements. Times have changed. Green apartment living is finally doable. Many green options serve as enticing ways to attract tenants

Sustainable ways to attract tenants 

Now, with minimal effort and even less money, you can ready your apartment complex or rental property to attract those tenants with a flair for the greener things in life. Here is a list of small actions you can take to achieve this goal:

  1. Energy-efficient lighting. Energy-efficient light bulbs may not seem as though they are capable of significant effects, but the energy they save adds up. LEDs last 25 times longer than traditional bulbs and use up to 90% less energy. Equipping units with these light bulbs, advertising that you’ve done so, and encouraging tenants to continue the practice will make an impression on these eco-savvy consumers.
  2. Recycling services. If the community offers a recycling program, inform tenants and prospects. If it does not, you can easily create a complex-only program by setting up marked receptacles at a central location and then arranging for pick-up through a local service or by delivering the items yourself. Recycling should include plastics, aluminum, paper, and even electronics.
  3. Community garden spaces. Community gardens offer tenants a way to get involved and connect. An added green living bonus is these spaces also provide sustainable food options for the complex. 
  4. Maintain plumbing. The water waste from a seemingly small drip can be a significant problem. Ensure you’re having the property’s plumbing checked on at least an annual basis for any potential issues. Educate tenants about their responsibility for reporting leaks and prepping for weather changes.
  5. Eco-friendly landscaping. Paying careful attention to the type of landscaping you choose not only has the potential to save money on maintenance, but it can also be an eco-friendly solution. Choosing gravel or recycled rubber over grass for common areas is a great start, as it cuts back on mowing and watering. Choosing climate-appropriate shrubs over flowers will also help keep water usage down as they need less to thrive.

Taking sustainable steps isn’t always plainly visible to current or potential tenants. If sustainability is meaningful for your property and prospective tenants, your property manager should ensure that information is front and center.

Make your property marketing count

There are many ways to attract tenants. Class A Management works with you to identify and attract the right tenants for your property. Our team of industry professionals ensures your marketing materials and website have specialty call-out areas to highlight the features that make your property alluring. Are you taking steps to make your properties more eco-friendly and sustainable? Make sure your tenants know! 

Contact us today to connect with a property management professional who can help implement the exact strategy to attract your ideal tenants.