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Additional Security for Multifamily Properties

Additional Security Additions to Multifamily Properties

Security. It’s one of those amenities that tenants desperately seek, but no property is positioned to guarantee. Yet, with the right attention to detail and a bit of (worthwhile) investment, it’s possible to at least provide a modicum of comfort to tenants and prospects.

Doing so has its benefits. You’ll attract more renters, which decreases vacancy rates and generates more revenue. Additional security measures also allow properties to demand a higher rent rate. And, with added security, you may even experience a reduction in insurance rates. Some companies provide discounts for as much as 20% when monitored security systems are added.

Here are some suggestions any property can leverage in order to experience this benefits:

  • Lights – A relatively easy place to start is ensuring the property is well lit. This includes parking lots, paths, unit porches and doors, and all common areas.
  • Clearly marked paths – This may seem like a given, but safety and security can be increased by making sure all walking paths are marked so that any with damage or imposing dangers are clearly noted.
  • Cleared debris and falling dangers – If a tree branch falls, have it removed immediately. If a pothole appears in the parking lot, make sure it is clearly marked and then call for repairs as soon as possible. If a hole or crack appears in a walking surface, the grass, or common areas, make sure it is also marked and addressed at the earliest possible time.
  • Security systems in individual units – This is likely the most expensive option, but installing security systems in each individual unit could very well pay off in spades.
  • On-property emergency phone centers – If the property is large, it’s a good idea to have emergency phone centers installed strategically in common areas. You see these at colleges, universities, and similar campuses. Simply picking up the phone immediately rings security or police, acting as a deterrent to unwanted attention and a welcome feature to residents.
  • Gates – There’s no need to go to the added expense of posting a guard at the gates; simply having electronic gates at all entrances with a keypad entry is a major deterrent in and of itself.

If your property is in need of some safety and security improvements, and you’re not sure where to start or you just don’t want to ‘go it’ alone, give the professionals at Class A Management a call. See all that we are capable of accomplishing together. Call 817-295-5959 or send an email to