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3 New Texas Laws You Need to Know

Rental Laws in Texas

If you’re a property owner or manager in any state, you should always stay abreast of any laws that could potentially affect you, your tenants, or the property and business. In Texas, three new laws have been recently passed, of which you should be aware.

One: All Bills Paid

If your property comes with an all bills paid promise, this one is for you. This new law states that tenants have the right to know if their utilities are going to be disconnected due to unpaid bills by the owner or manager. In other words, you are going to be kept accountable to your tenants for keeping payment up to date. If you fail, the utility company to which you owe money has the right to notify them.

Two: Breaking a Lease

There’s little in the laws that give tenants leniency in breaking a lease, but this new law actually does just that, and for good reason. According to this mandate, victims of domestic violence are now allowed to break their lease if they feel they are at risk. It’s not broken down, but it’s probably safe to say that the owner or manager must be made aware of the possibility from the beginning.

Three: Pet Allowance

The final law has been designed around the needs of veterans using service animals. The new law now makes it possible for those veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder to access the same public locations with their four-legged assistants as those that assist the blind. If you have a policy against pets, this is a crucial change. According to the Free My Paws website:

Landlords are not permitted to discriminate when it comes to Service Animals.  Even if they have a strict “no pets” policy, they are not allowed to prevent you from living in their property with your Service Animal.  By law Service Animals must be allowed to live anywhere their handler chooses. Even when apartments allow pets they often charge a pet deposit; it is against the law to charge a disabled person a deposit for their Service Animal. 

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