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Improve Word of Mouth Marketing in 3 Steps

Word of mouth marketing is bigger than ever with the worldwide exchange of information and ideas at our fingertips. Taken from the 3 Pillars of Word-of-Mouth Marketing, here are three steps a property manager can take to improve the buzz surrounding rental properties.

Step 1: Ask For Positive Online Reviews

Potential renters trust their peers and friends more than they trust you as the property marketer, so online reviews are bigger than ever when it comes to gaining (or losing) conversions. If your management team knows of great renters (influencers) who are willing to publish reviews on independent review sites, make it policy that they ask for the reviews. The reviews you’re getting online are also an indication of how satisfied your tenants really are, so monitor them and provide feedback to make it a conversation.

Step 2: Seek Out Feedback

If you’re going to know what people are saying, shouldn’t you ask them? Incentive-based surveys are a great way to find out where your marketing dollars would be well-spent, and for renters who might not go out and post online reviews, quick, anonymous surveys could be a way to get their feedback. Online survey software can let you know who has completed a survey without jeopardizing anonymity. Offer discounts on rent or other perks to encourage participation.

Also, when potential renters first come in the door, find out where they heard about your property, and what led them to come in. Use social media metrics together with actual rental conversions to determine what works for every property, and continue to tailor your approach over time.

Step 3: Build Trust For Sustainable WOM Marketing

Trust is the cornerstone of relationship marketing. Truly sustainable marketing campaigns depend on gaining the trust and loyalty of the consumer, so get to know your audience and help them get to know you. Build a brand for your property that is engaging and personable. What you want to build is not just a marketing buzz, but a community of real people whose satisfaction with what your brand offers will keep them talking you up to all their friends. That’s what word-of-mouth marketing is all about.