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5 Tips for Keeping Tenants Safe

Keeping tenants safe isn’t as easy as it might have been at one time. Each year, the FBI releases a list of the most dangerous cities in the U.S. How a city qualifies is actually more terrifying than the name implies. We aren’t talking about purse snatchings and carjacking. It’s determined by the number of homicides within a calendar year. This would definitely give pause to anyone calling these areas ‘home,’ including local officials, business owners, tenants, owners, and property managers.

On the list of 15, our very own Houston takes the #7 spot with a total of 217 homicides, while Dallas also makes the cut in the #9 spot with 154. Other cities include: Chicago (500); New York (419); Detroit (386); Philadelphia (331); Los Angeles (299); Baltimore (219); New Orleans (193); Memphis (133); Oakland (126); Phoenix (124); St. Louis (113); Kansas City (105); and Indianapolis (101).

Keeping Tenants Safe

How do you help protect your tenants living in these cities, or any other city for that matter? Here are some simple tips:

  1. Lighting. One of the easiest ways to help protect tenants on the property is to ensure it is well lit at all times. This includes street and parking lot lights, pathway illumination lights, and patio or porch lights at front and back entrances. If there are any common areas on the property, such as fitness areas, swimming pools, or gathering areas, they should also be well lit.
  2. Gates. If possible, a keypad gate goes a long way toward keeping the wrong people out. With a secured, and always-armed gate, only those with the correct passcode are allowed in and out of the property lines. Taking this one-step further by having it monitored by camera and with an intercom to the office provides greater enforcement.
  3. Security Systems. It’s often thought these systems are cost prohibitive to most complexes. The truth, however, is that many service providers will knock a significant amount off the cost of installation in exchange for the long-term monitoring packages. These costs can then be deflected by working them into rental rates. And, added security is something most tenants are willing to pay a bit more for. Security system signs on their own are good at warning off predators, so always ensure the property is adequately marked.
  4. Patrolling. The ability to pay for guards or security officers to patrol the property is often a luxury property managers or owners can’t afford. In these cases, volunteer groups, such as community crime watches, are a good substitute. In these efforts, tenants register to participate, often accepting a time allotment where each individual is responsible for actively patrolling the grounds and making notes of irregularities. The entire group is responsible on an ongoing basis for ensuring the safety of the property and its tenants, and watching for and reporting anything out of ordinary. Posted signs of the community crime watch is also a smart idea.
  5. Property management. Ensuring you have the right property management company in place also goes a long way to helping keep tenants and visitors safe. A good property manager is aware, accountable, and on top of the best ways to keep the property free of issues and attracting the best tenants. Class A Management can help provide this assurance for your property. Call 817-284-1411 for more information today, or email us at .