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How to Use Pinterest as a Property Marketing Tool

Pinterest Property Marketing

Getting the word out about hot rental properties today is easier than ever, and it’s the eye candy that really sells. Enter: Pinterest, the third largest social media site onto which users can “pin” their favorite images. Because it’s visual, Pinterest lends itself perfectly to online rental marketing, and we’re going to tell you how to use Pinterest as a Property Marketing Tool.

Before You Pin: Set Your Sights On Your Site

Pinterest images link back to their original Web site, so before you set up an account and start pinning, assess your current Web presence. You need a dynamic, interactive site that is full of photographs, a YouTube video tour of the property and a frequently updated blog. Oh, and don’t forget a Pinterest widget among your social networking “bookmark and share” options.

Create Your Boards

Once you’ve addressed the site you’ll be linking back to (and its images, which are of course top-quality, right?), it’s time to set up your own Pinterest account and boards. Boards that cater to cooking, gardening, crafts, renovating or decorating would provide great ideas for blog photos that link back to your site. Of course, you can – and should – link to other sites, as well. Just make sure you’re not promoting the competition.

Think Vistas and … Recipes?

YES. You should absolutely pin photos of your well-maintained and appointed property’s best selling points, but would it hurt to appeal to non-real-estate pinners, as well? If you make a special cookie and wrap it in a pretty package to welcome new tenants, blog about it and include pictures. The mouthwatering cookie photos go with the recipe, and the creative cookie package photos with step-by-step instructions so Pinterest lurkers can re-create the look. Be sure to stage the photos inside your property. Highlight the stainless-steel oven those fresh-baked cookies are coming out of, and let those granite countertops or huge windows provide a backdrop for the gift package blog. If you don’t give welcome gifts, Pinterest may be reason enough to start.

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