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How to Raise Rent

How to raise rent

Rental rates continue to soar. If you’re not among the property managers and owners that have already made the decision to join the fray and raise rent, it’s probably time. But increasing rent requires a strategic approach.

No renter enjoys paying more each month without additional benefits. Renters do understand inflation and the increasing cost of living, however, so just a few extra steps on your part can help ease the burden of higher rent. Following are four strategic steps to help make the process more successful.

1. Provide reasons.

Research the current inflation rate, and know what your competitors are charging. Emphasize your property’s unique selling points and their added value. If those amenities are new or the cost of their maintenance is increasing, share that with your renters. Give them some ownership of that extra cost, and help them translate it into extra value instead.

2. Communicate directly.

A formal letter explaining your reasons for the rent increase is a show of extra effort on your part. That conveys your respect for tenants’ hard-earned money. Provide a few ways tenants can contact you to voice any concerns they may have about the rent increase. This shows that you understand they may have concerns, and it will help them be more receptive to your reasons if you’re willing to listen to them.

3. Allow an adjustment period.

Give tenants a month’s notice, at the very least, when their rent will be increasing. It’s far less thoughtful to wait until their lease is due for renewal. Everyone needs time to adjust to change.

4. Provide enticements for great tenants.

We never want to alienate great, long-term renters. Consider lower rent increases for existing tenants than for new leases. Or, offer complimentary access to special parking or other amenities. If you’ll be making aesthetic upgrades, start with those renters you most want to keep happy.

Communicate strategically and openly with tenants, and you’ll find that the respect you show translates into loyal renters who won’t mind the occasional rate increase for such a valuable rental property.

How do you raise the rent?

With our help. Contact Class A Management today at 817-295-5959 or by email to