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2 of the Latest Outdoor Space Must-Haves

Developers have caught onto the fact that renters are demanding well-designed outdoor living spaces. The latest trend to hit multifamily projects is the desire for luxury finishes and bringing the outdoors, in.

Discriminating Renters Want Lasting Finishes

Faux stone veneers have taken over new builds. The rugged and long-lasting finishes lend an air of luxury to multifamily properties, offering versatility and affordability not previously available in stone finishes. Manufactured stone has gone through some growing pains. Today’s veneers are consistently strong, durable, lightweight, and attractive.

Renters appreciate the cabin-like warmth of stone veneers, which can be created to match regional resources while boasting the ultimate sustainability. Gone are the days of outdoor spaces carved out of cold concrete; faux-stone retaining walls and seating areas create a feeling of privacy even in common areas. That extended living space is a great selling point for any size property, and the clean and classic feel of stone is a lasting design element that won’t require constant maintenance.

Patio Doors Extend Living Space

Views of and access to those beautiful outdoor living spaces have become more important to long-term renters. A space feels more spacious when natural elements become part of a unit’s design. That’s why patio doors that turn outside walls into movable glass walls are in high demand. These oversized sliders and bifold doors are primarily in demand for residential builds with private, interior courtyards, but their use in multifamily can’t be far behind. Renters who entertain in common outdoor spaces, especially, will see these oversized doors leading to well-designed mixed use spaces as greater square footage. That makes your property more valuable for the money: an oasis that offers a homey feel and a unique approach to outdoor living.

Whether you’re constructing a new property or renovating, little high-end touches make a big difference in a renter’s perception of value. Carry those touches out into the landscape, and you’ll also improve your property’s “wow” factor. In the current market, “wow” has become the new top selling point.

Last, but not least…

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