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3 Things Landlords Should Never Do

The nightmare landlord. It’s that time-defeating persona many of us grew up with like Mr. Roper from Three’s Company and the infamous Mr. Heckles from Friends. They are impatient, demanding, and just a bit (if not a lot) intrusive. And, while these characters are just that: someone created from another’s imagination, they are based in reality. Because landlords like this truly do exist.

Want to ensure you don’t join these ranks? Avoiding these 3 things is a great start:

  1. Ignore tenants. Especially after some time passes and landlords get set in their ways or think they’ve come to know when a tenant is a complainer or asks for too much, they begin to ignore or put off responding. This, however, could be your greatest mistake. No matter what your personal feelings are about a tenant, they are the source of your income and success. Treat them as such. Ensure every tenant gets the same attention, with no more than 24 hours of waiting from time of submission to time of response, when not an emergency.
  2. Fail to communicate. While the property is your business, it is the tenant’s home. They deserve to know what happens in relation to it with plenty of notice. So, don’t surprise them with construction or utility work; and definitely don’t surprise them with increases in fees or rent. Give notice, give it often and consistently, and give it in a number of different ways (email, phone, signs, etc.) to ensure everyone receives it and understands.
  3. Invade privacy. Just like Mr. Roper, there are those owners and managers who feel it’s their right to snoop, given tenants live on their property and they simply want to keep things orderly. But as previously mentioned, your property is also a tenant’s home. As such, you much give them the privacy and respect you would demand. Only when it’s reasonable to expect something suspicious from a tenant, such as illegal activity or an act that would place tenants and/or the property in danger is it okay to pry. Even then, it’s best to let the police take over.

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