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Only you can prevent kitchen fires

Kitchen fires account for nearly half of all rental property fires each year. Tenants start cooking, get distracted, and unwittingly start dangerous and destructive fires. While it’s not realistic to remove kitchens from your properties, implement some preventive measures to minimize fire risk.

Start a conversation

Practice excellent customer service to keep the lines of communication open. Remind residents to never leave anything cooking on the stove, even for a minute. Share the latest statistics to highlight how unattended cooking is responsible for the most deaths. Ask for regular feedback on how cooking equipment is working, and share tips on cleaning and maintenance.

Establish an emergency plan

Allow for human mistakes, and walk new tenants through what to do in case of a kitchen fire. Provide a fire extinguisher, and teach them how to use it and when. Post metal signs on every stairwell and on every floor to help residents report fire and evacuate quickly.

Provide incentives for renters’ insurance

Encourage tenants to purchase renters’ insurance, and provide some resources at lease signing. Offer a discount on rent for those with an active renters’ insurance policy. After a fire, if investigators determine that a tenant’s negligence started a fire, the tenant’s insurance will pick up the bill. Just make sure their policy covers fire due to negligence. It will be worth a small monthly discount in the long run.

Make fire prevention and response a significant part of your maintenance and tenant communication plans to prevent catastrophic damage and loss of life. Also, bring employees into the planning and training efforts to keep tenants and staff on the same page and ensure rapid response in case of emergency.

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