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Infographic: Apartment Rental Trends

Americans are moving into newer homes, downsizing from larger properties, and seem more interested in leading simpler, apartment-focused lives. We’re witnessing a significant change in Apartment Rental Trends across the country.

Unquestionably, housing prices, COVID-19 shutdowns, renter defaults, or out-migration may have notably delayed the rental season this time by a few months. However, the American dream of homeownership is still very much alive and thriving.

Renters are willing to sacrifice square footage in hopes of lower rent, with the amenity race coming to a standstill. We’re also seeing urban renters moving outside metros. Yet, investors, landlords, and property managers look optimistic about the rental property market in 2021.

Here’s an interesting infographic we found by John Burns Real Estate Consulting that gives you more information on how the demographics are shifting between single-family and multifamily properties.

Source: John Burns Real Estate Consulting, LLC

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