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How to Get Rid of Weeds

How to Get Rid of Weeds

This spring was a wet one. We all rejoiced, especially property owners and managers, as the need to water (and thus the water bill) went down. Yet, with all that rain comes a repercussion with which we’re all now finding ourselves faced: weeds.

As a recent Times Record News article explains, “Weed control has been very difficult, if not impossible and with adequate rainfall comes pesky weeds.” As is often the case, managers and owners have significant ground coverage to worry about; making this issue a considerable one during the summer.

What can be done? Here are a couple of ideas:

Apply pre-emergent.

According to the Garden Counselor, a good pre-emergent application will “eliminate weeds at the earliest stage of growth — before you even see them.” Benefits to such application include: complete elimination; less labor than pulling or dealing with them after they’ve grown-in; and less work in subsequent seasons.

Yet, pre-emergent applications have their challenges. They must be soaked into or tilled into the soil. With many areas faced with water restrictions during hot months, this can be a difficult task to complete. The solution is to address this issue during the cooler months of January to March, before things get out of hand and water restrictions aren’t in force. Then, apply a second application as needed, during June or July, watering during non-restricted hours or days only.

Reconsider the landscape.

There is another, more drastic but effective approach for properties that could use a significant overhaul to the landscape, or for those that are currently being constructed or planned…the no-grass approach.

It’s likely that you’ve seen a property or two around town that is addressing the problem by eliminating any chance of it occurring, which involves eliminating the grass all together in favor of rock or caliche. Not only are weeds a non-consideration, but the water bills takes a dramatic dive as well.

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