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How to Build a Community Through Gardening

Build a Community through Gardening

The green movement is coming to a lawn near you, and it’s out for your sod. Acting now will enable you to leverage the movement to build a community through gardening.

Community gardens have become part of the mainstream green movement. A venture that hearkens back to World War II victory gardens, community gardening answers the call for locally raised food. It’s a call that young people are answering with their shovels and compost tumblers, and one that may be coming to a property you own. So if you’re ready to build some community, let the community build a compost pile and a few raised beds with some basic guidelines:

  1. Require that the garden have at least three designated garden managers and a set of bylaws. Approve the bylaws with the help of a property attorney.
  2. Ask the group to provide their own garden insurance, a liability plan that won’t indemnify your property in the event of an accident or food contamination.
  3. Have the managers present you with a garden plan, including a list of plants and their water requirements, a rainwater catchment and reuse plan and a sketch of the garden. Complete a walk-through of the area you’ve set aside, and envision how it will affect curb appeal.
  4. Lend a hand. Encourage the effort once the planning process is complete, and instead of a green lawn you may be helping grow green thumbs.

Even if you’re not ready for a community garden on your property, don’t be surprised if one springs up around the corner. The professionals at Class A Management can help you sort out the details and build your community, either through a garden or other methods. Call us today at 817-295-5959 or e-mail,

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