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Help Your Tenants Stay Healthy

Push Ups, Tenants Healthy

Showing concern for a tenant’s health might not be considered as a part of landlord management but there are a few reasons to why it should be done. For instance, if your tenant is unwell, there are high chances of absenteeism at work. Not turning up to work for a long period will result in deduction of income ultimately resulting in difficulties to pay off the rent. Also, it does not cost much in showing care and concern for your tenant and developing a healthy bond.

Here are a few ways you can help your tenants stay healthy:
1. Organizing for organic vegetable stalls
Our diet and health is impacted by our environment i.e. culture and society. We live in the time where fast is good and cheap is better, encouraging consumption of low nutrition fast food. Thus, a day could be picked up, for instance, every Wednesday could be arranged for organic vegetables and fruit stalls.

2. Property Insulation
Another way you can help your tenant is by helping them stay warm and healthy. Introducing insulation needs and requirements in the rental unit will benefit the tenant by keeping the home warm and dry, ultimately resulting in good health. Poor health is related to cold and damp units.

3. Send the message
A small section of the bulletin board could be dedicated to sticking notes on health tips and benefits of working out. Sending out an email could do the work too. Forwarding emails to your tenants for which the subject is health will show your concern, resulting in increased loyalty.

4. Group Activity
A fun filled group activity like aerobics, yoga or functional training is the best way of encouraging group effort and healthy habit. It’s also a stress buster from the monotonous hectic routine. A synchronized exercise class will also increase a sense of community amongst neighbors.

5. Group discounts
Fitness clubs offer group discounts so go ahead and arrange for such facilities for your tenants and make them happy. Contact any of the fitness clubs closest to your unit and make a deal.

Create a healthy and fit environment and witness the smile you put on each tenants face.