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Engaging Tenants in Sustainability Efforts

The property management world is going “green,” but it’s no longer just a marketable catchphrase—it’s an industry mandate created by its target audience. Responding to consumer demands drives the rental market to provide certain amenities and adjust rents accordingly, and answering the clarion call to sustainability is no different. What’s changed in recent years is that we now know that energy efficiency and sustainable building and investing practices are cost-effective for investors, as well as renters, so it’s time to jump on the bandwagon and let tenants know we’re all in this together.

Energy Efficiency Boasts Immediate Cost-Savings

Eco-friendly choices like LED lighting and Energy Star appliances don’t require much electricity to run. That means lower utility bills for renters, whose wallets have also been suffering through this prolonged economic downturn. Renters who know how much money they’ll save on heating costs with upgraded insulation or windows are also more likely to support sustainability efforts when their homes become temporary construction zones. They’ll spread the word about how much they’re saving; they just need property managers to let them know how much that will be while the work is in progress. Use one of the government’s handy energy calculators to let residents know how much money they’ll be saving.

Technology is Key for Green Marketing

Communicating with residents through technology channels is a great way to educate them when it comes to sustainability initiatives. Use video to engage them via Facebook Live, resident portal webcasts, Twitter, and even simple text messages. For the more results-oriented clientele, smartphones equipped with thermostat-control apps like Nest or apps that allow them to monitor solar panel energy production will help them buy into those eco-friendly community upgrades.

Build Community with Sustainability Initiatives

Encourage residents to learn more about and use the apps and digital environmental tools that support your property’s sustainability goals. A curbside recycling program, community composting, and even an electric vehicle charging station can speak to management’s dedication to eco-friendly initiatives. Regular communication from management, as well as within the community—using recycling challenges and suggestion boxes, for instance—will keep renters engaged and proud to live in a sustainable community.

Hire Experts

Of course, it always helps if you have a property management team in your corner who knows not only how to build such initiatives, but also communicate them to your tenants. Our professionals are at-the-ready. Call us today at 817-295-5959 or send an email to .