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Holiday Decorating That’s Damage Free

Holiday Decorating Damage Free - Window Decor

Tenants like to decorate for the holiday. How can they do so without causing damage so that they can get their security deposit back once the lease is up?

The holiday period is filled with festivity, friends, family and delicious food. Being a renter, you may not be able to put to use all the decorative ideas due to restrictions put by the property manager. Whatever it is, here are a few removable and nail free solutions to decorate your home:

Christmas tree:
Christmas tree is something that each one of us loves to have for the Christmas festival but may not have the space that it takes up to put out. Therefore, think of making use of washi tape for the outline of the tree on an empty wall. Also, the dummy ornaments could be made out of washi tape. Another option is that you cut triangular shapes out of old pallets, fill it with green color and also make a simple trunk.

Damage free hanging lights:
One of the simplest ways to decorate is to put up lights on the outdoor. Make use of ready-made stuff in the market to help you hang your lights and other decorations intact. Also, use of fairy lights in the living room and bedroom gives a very serene touch to your decorations.

Stocking weights:
When it’s the festival of Christmas, mantles and stockings go hand in hand. Decorative stock weights help you fix the stockings to the mantle without the use of nail. Do not over load your mantle, put in only that much your stocking weight can hold.

Tension rods:
Consider using tension rods to hang garlands and wreaths without harming your woodwork. Use the correct size of tension rods and put it up at the window.

Holiday card display:
Don’t know where to put up all the holiday cards you have received from your friends and family? Make use of picture ledge. For an extra personal touch to add to your decor, starry string lights could be used. The picture ledge can be easily removed and also made use of for the next year.

Paper decorations:
The command hooks cannot hold on to a heavy weight, therefore making handmade paper craft to give you the perfect feel of holiday season is got to be your option. Use metallic colored papers and make banners. Also, the feeling of decorating your place by yourself is satisfying.
Decorate your rental space without worrying about your landlord’s restrictions. Don’t be afraid to take an extra step in being creative and wait for Santa to fetch you gifts!

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Infographic: How the Federal Budget Could Affect Housing in 2017

Many changes are coming in the next few months. Some are definitive, while many others are not. Among those things of which we are uncertain at this point is Obama’s 2017 budget.

The chances that it will be adopted as a whole are slim to none. Yet, in all likelihood, parts of it will be used to support proposed legislation. Knowing this is a possibility, it’s important for investors, owners, and managers, to understand how specific parts of Obama’s budget could potentially impact the housing and multifamily industries.

To break it down and help us make sense of it all, the National Multifamily Housing Council has put together the following infographic.


Need some help creating a strategy that will help ensure your success in 2017 and beyond? Contact the professionals at Class A Management today at 817-284-1411 or send us an email to

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One simple device that could save renters’ lives

More than 400 people every year die at the mercy of an invisible killer. Their deaths could be prevented with the installation of a device that hangs right next to the smoke detector. That killer is a clear, odorless gas produced by burning fuels such as natural gas, charcoal, wood, kerosene, or oil, and its name is carbon monoxide.

Carbon monoxide detectors are inexpensive and unobtrusive, and required by law in many US states. While modern heating and cooking sources don’t usually produce the gas, a car left in an attached garage could fill a home with the deadly poison in a matter of minutes. During a power outage, residents might use kerosene or oil lanterns or heat sources, unwittingly exposing themselves and their families to carbon monoxide. More than 50,000 people visit emergency rooms each year for carbon monoxide poisoning, but the presence of a CO detector can help prevent loss of life from the unseen killer.

Install CO detectors near bedrooms to alert residents to the presence of carbon monoxide, even at night. For just a few dollars and a new battery twice a year, those detectors may never sound an alarm. Then again, they might, and just one family saved is worth a building full of prevention.

Contact Class A Management to learn more about how our managers can help safeguard your property and residents. Call us today at 817-284-1411 or e-mail us at We know safety, and we know property management.

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Infographic: Apartment Renting Trends

The only thing that stays the same is everything changes. Isn’t that what they always say? Yet, I think you’ll discover that one or two of the ‘latest’ apartment renting trends are ones you’ve seen before.

Take a look at this attractive infographic from Rent Cafe for more information:



We’re here to help and would love to help you put these trends to work for your benefit. Call the professionals at Class A Management today at 817-284-1411 or send us an email to

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Six simple ways to attract aging renters

Millions of Baby Boomers are becoming septuagenarians this year, and many of them are downsizing. While those over age 65 don’t currently occupy the lion’s share of rental properties, their demographic is growing as they seek out low-maintenance housing options.

Here are six simple ways to fix up and market your properties so they appeal to older tenants:

  1. Install ramps instead of stairs, and smooth out any trip hazards and steep walkways. Add hand rails.
  2. Retrofit ground-floor apartments so they’re wheelchair accessible.
  3. Include plenty of seating and landscaping in community areas to encourage socializing among older residents.
  4. Invite local agencies and senior groups to organize enrichment activities and market them to your tenants. Walkability and lots of nearby entertainment are a plus.
  5. Don’t forget to play up little extras—Boomers like luxury amenities, and they have the money to pay for them.
  6. Keep everything in working order. Older renters have little patience for repairs.

Create an inviting space for retirees, and you’ll appeal to those older Americans who aren’t ready to give up their independence. They’ll gladly give up lawn and house maintenance. That’s where your friendly and courteous property staff members can step in to make those golden years stress-free.

Keep your property safe and well-maintained, and provide the customer service older Americans have to come to expect and deserve. Hire Class A Management to handle your property’s every need and to treat your tenants like the valuable business resource they are. Call us today at 817-284-1411 or e-mail,