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Austin and Fort Worth Real Estate Investment Markets

Texas Property Management recently ranked 146 real estate investment markets in the United States and two Texas cities made the Top 10: the Fort Worth investment market placed number 5 and the Austin investment market came in at number 2. builds the list of real estate investment markets by analyzing housing inventories, price trends, and unemployment rates. Austin has constantly been in the news lately for its successful real estate market as well as job growth and proves once again to be a lucrative spot in Texas by achieving its place on this list. Fort Worth has also seen positive numbers lately and continues to show itself as a great place to live and work.

Austin came in behind Tucson, Arizona, and other cities to make the Top 10 include: Kansas City, Missouri; Baltimore; Salt Lake City; San Jose; Raleigh; Milwaukee; and St. Louis. This year’s list shows that metro cities that are slightly off the beaten path are leading the way.

It is a great time to invest in real estate as we bounce back from the recession and Class A Management would be honored to help you take advantage of any one of the promising Texas markets. For more information, please contact us today at 817-284-1411 or

Sources: “Austin a top real estate investment market,”, 03/21/2012; “Top 10 markets to invest in,”, 03/23/2012.

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The Trend to Mobile in Multifamily Property Marketing

Mobile Marketing for Property Management

It is estimated that nearly half of all Internet users are also tablet owners, and this number is on the rise at roughly 12% per year. This means that at this point in time, approximately 117 million people could be online conducting business, blogging, or even searching for their next rental home on their very own tablet. What’s more, a very large percentage of these users are part of the younger generations, namely those under the age of 30, who expect nothing less than the best technology with every life experience.

Isn’t it coincidental for us, then, that 72% of this age group is also living in rental housing? “Why is it coincidental?” you may ask. Because it gives us the unique opportunity to use the propensity this generation toward mobile marketing for our own multifamily property marketing initiatives? Here’s how:

  1. Keeps the connection: With this type of technology, managers and staff can stay connected regardless of where they are on- (or off-) property. Being easily accessible is of utmost importance, and a driver behind the use of such technology.
  2. Makes you look good: When an under-30-something rental-seeker comes into your management office and sees the entire staff with tablets, it’s says to that individual that he or she has just landed somewhere that is modern and up-to-speed on what’s most important to this generation of renters.
  3. Provides flexibility: One of the least attractive things about renting an apartment is the rental application and approval process. Tablets make it easier on everyone by allowing the process to take place on the go. Staff members can utilize the time they spend walking to and through units with prospective tenants to gather the necessary information for the application, so that when the individual is ready, all the info can be processed with a click.
  4. Offers a mobile cinema: Have an online video of the property or a posted review you want to show-off? Or maybe you simply need access to the property’s website while out on a tour. The tablet can empower you with the freedom to do all that, while impressing the prospective tenant with your resourceful use of technology.

Learn more about the creative tactics we’re using to increase the occupancy rates of our properties. Call us at 817-284-1411 or send an email to