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5 Surefire Places to Find Good Renters

Find Good Renters

If there’s any money to be had in property ownership, it comes directly from the tenants who pay their bills on time and treat your property responsibly. Find good renters in five places you should definitely be advertising:

  1. Property listing sites online. According to a recent Multi Housing News article, 73 percent of renters start their search with a search engine. Do a Google search for rentals in your city, and see which property listing sites pop up first. Advertise there, and provide an outbound link to your site.
  2. Your own Web site. Use QR codes in ads and on “For Rent” signs so that people with smartphones can navigate directly to your home page, and include a direct external link to specific listings on every print and online ad you post. Blog about vacant properties, link to local attractions and businesses from within the text of your blog posts, and be sure to include all social media plug-ins and a Twitter feed on your home page. Update content at least weekly.
  3. YouTube. YouTube videos consistently rank at the top of search results, so put together a video tour of your property and post it on YouTube. Embed that video in your Web page.
  4. Newspapers. Many people who are actively looking for a new place to live will look through local classified ads first. Maximize your print advertising dollar by sticking to Sunday papers only, and make sure your ad will appear on the newspaper’s Web page classifieds.
  5. Craigslist. The ads are free and give you almost unlimited space, but keep the ad short so that your attractive, full-color photos pop up near the top of the screen and entice your next great tenant to keep looking. Provide a link to your web page, and give all contact information above the photos in the ad: you don’t want the viewer to have to scroll much to take in all the vital information.

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