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The 10 Commandments of Modern Customer Service

10 Commandments Customer Service

As a property manager, it’s up to you to ensure that your employees provide inscrutable customer service to the renters who provide your cash flow. In this digital age, that might mean a completely hands-off policy for some issues.

Here are 10 updated commandments of customer service to help landlords and employees better serve their tenants:

  1. Don’t waste their time with maintenance issues. More than 90 percent of residents surveyed in a recent study said this is the number-one thing they should be able to do through a web portal.
  2. Customize communications. Post the notices on bulletin boards, but have tenants tell you whether they prefer Facebook, email, text, or robocalls for their notices, as well. Then use those resources to communicate with tenants where they feel most comfortable.
  3. Put all your paperwork online. From pre-qualifications to lease renewals, potential residents want to be able to fill out forms and send them in electronically. Make it easy.
  4. Provide mobile options. Establish yourself as a mobile-friendly community with an app, QR codes throughout your property, and a mobile feedback option to engage your tenants.
  5. Complete repairs quickly. This goes without saying, but it means that electronic requests need to get to your maintenance crews without delay, so streamline that process as you implement it.
  6. Establish clear policies, and enforce them. One bad tenant can spoil the renting experience for everyone else, so be clear about consequences and follow your own policies.
  7. Mind the parking lot. Parking is a make-or-break amenity to modern renters, so make sure their space is available to them when they need it. Act quickly to rectify parking issues.
  8. Communicate regularly. Don’t always be the bearer of bad tidings: send those text messages or robocalls with tips, community event announcements, and other helpful tidbits on at least a weekly basis.
  9. Stay positive. Even when dealing with late rent, it’s possible to handle it without rudeness. Be clear with your staff that rudeness to tenants is never okay.
  10. Be approachable. Conduct semiannual surveys and ask residents what they’d like to see in their community, and then, when possible, provide it.

When it comes to showing tenants respect and maintaining the best customer service standards, Class A Management has experts who want to help you develop a strategy. Call us today at 817-284-1411 or e-mail